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COVID19 Customer Notice

Dear Customers,

We hope you are safe and well. In line with the Governments Restrictions we are pausing our services until 12th April.

What does this mean for your garden?

We are happy to say that every garden we look after all year round is in extremely good order. We have been working very hard in your garden since before temperatures and soil conditions started to improve. In fact, since we became aware of the possibility of a Cronavirus pandemic, we have been putting in extra work to prepare your garden for a possible break in services. The extra work we have put in has mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Spring Prunings.

  • Hedges trimmed where appropriate.

  • Patios & Pathways have been cleaned.

  • Perennials have been cut back as appropriate.

  • Bedding areas have been weeded out.

  • Lawns have been lightly trimmed, and received Spring Lawn Care treatments.

In summary, your garden is well set up to cope for 2 weeks, and as soon as Government restrictions are loosened we will catch up on the other work which we would have done during this 2 week period.

LAWNS: Your lawn was recently mowed and treated, and will not need to be mowed for approximately 10 days. However, while not essential, it will benefit from a light trim in around 10 days. At this time of year 1.5-2 inches is the correct height (a business card or credit card gives a good rule of thumb).

If you have any queries about your garden during this time please contact me, while we may not be able to work as normal, we are always available to advise on any questions you may have.

Hoping you are staying safe and well & that you enjoy your garden at this time.

Sincerely yours,

Eric How

Chloris Garden Services

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