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garden services

Chloris provides fast, professional and cost effective solutions for both large and small gardens.  We have the expertise to assist you with your needs no matter how big or small.

Our customers choose between quick tidy up's, and our range of regular maintenance schedules.  

We offer a professional and friendly service, and will leave your garden fresh and tidy every visit.

A complete range of Garden Maintenance Services is available, most of which are listed below.

Further information is available by clicking Lawn Care, Plant Care, or simply call 01 535 2141 to speak with me today.

🌿 Grass Cutting
🌿 Hedge Trimming
🌿 Pruning
🌿 Path & Bed Edging
🌿 Nourishing & Fertilising
🌿 Moss Control
🌿 Weeding & Weed Control
🌿 Quick Tidy Up
🌿 Power Washing
🌿 Planting & Replanting
🌿 Staking & Supporting
🌿 Leaf Collection
🌿 Top Dressing
🌿 Earthing Up
🌿 Planting Out
🌿 Mulching
🌿 Green Waste Removal
🌿 Patio & Driveway Cleaning
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